Your questions and our answers

How and when can I get an appointment with ANANDA?

We are here for you every day, including Sundays and holidays, between 10 a.m. and 9 p.m. Please make appointments for massages by telephone, preferably two days in advance. Appointments can also often be made on short notice. But please do not come here unannounced.
If you have an appointment, please confirm it by telephone on the day before the massage.

Our telephone number: 0221 - 608 65 85

It is regrettably not possible to make or confirm appointments via email.
During times when all our co-workers are massaging guests, we unfortunately cannot take your phone call. Should this be the case, please either specify to the answering machine when you wish to have an appointment or try calling back later.
You can always reach us during our daily phone hour from 1 to 2 pm.

How do I find ANANDA and where can I park?

Please follow the link Driving directions & Contact.
How much time should I plan for a massage?
The times specified in our overview of offers are the times for the massage itself. We recommend that our guests come on time and plan to stay for an extra 20 or 30 minutes to relax after the massage.

Can I come to ANANDA in a wheelchair?

Yes, that is possible, as long as it is a wheelchair that can be carried easily. Our rooms are in the first and second floors above ground and there is an elevator, but it does not stop at the level of access to our practice, which means that a few steps need to be negotiated. If you can get past these steps with our active help, then nothing stands in the way of a massage at ANANDA. We will do our best to make it possible for you to come to us.

Can I take a shower at ANANDA?

Absolutely. We are especially pleased when our guests take a shower before the massage, since this intensifies the sensual experience for both parties. Our showers are of course also at your disposal after the massage.

Do I need to bring anything?

No. We provide towels, sheets, a kimono, shampoo, shower gel, combs and hair dryer, so that you do not need to think about anything. When it comes to hygiene, you can also trust us fully. We only ask you to ensure that you have enough time and bring the corresponding massage fee in cash.

Do I need any previous experience before getting a massage at ANANDA?

Since our massages are there for you to relax and surrender, it is not necessary to have any previous experience with Tantra. Just trust our sensitive masseuses, who will expertly and self-confidently lead you on a journey through your own body.

Who will massage me?

We work in a team of women who are all between 25 and approx. 40 years old. Each woman has expert training in various, especially tantric, massage techniques. In addition, in our team we seek out, learn and share new techniques and insights. The fixed sequence of a massage provides enough free space for each woman to follow her own intuition. Since people are different, the Tantra massage of one woman may feel very different from that of another. If you feel especially good with a certain woman, just remember her name. You can then book your next appointment with her.
Unfortunately, it is not possible to select a masseuse after arriving in the practice.

What is the sequence of events during the massage?

In the beginning you will receive a kimono, which will be taken off during the course of the massage ritual. You will be undressed for the greater part of your Tantra massage. Your whole body will be touched and caressed with various massage techniques. The flow of energy is stimulated, the senses open up and the body becomes more sensitive. You feel deeply relaxed, yet awake. There is room for each masseuse to follow her own creativity; sometimes she caresses your skin with her hair, sometimes with a feather, a soft fur or a silk scarf. A Tantra massage is mainly intended to increase your well-being, and it thereby follows a certain basic procedure. At first you lie on your stomach and later on your back. Your head and face are also massaged extensively.

The idea of Tantra is to include the entire human being, including the especially sensitive genital areas. But if so desired by our guests, we can leave out the genital area. The massage of the genital area is not intended to "sexualize" the massage, but to explicitly and openly include the sexual energies without preconceptions into the overall artwork of a whole body massage.

We use natural massage oils as well as essential oils with scents that are not only pleasant but also have healing qualities. Calm music helps you relax and free your mind. The choice of oils and music can be discussed with the masseuse.
Is there any sexual interaction during the massage?
Our work constitutes a holistic tantric massage ritual. We do not offer intercourse or other forms of sexual exchange. As a guest of ANANDA you take on a purely passive, receiving role.
This gives you the great opportunity to have new and different bodily experiences that are free of expectations.

I feel fat and unattractive, should I still dare to get a massage?

Yes, please do. We see what is beautiful and essential in every human being; we not only touch the body, but also the soul. The massage provides a more secure bodily feeling and an increase in self-confidence. This makes it easier for everyone to see themselves as beautiful and to be beautiful.

Is it OK to have an erection during the massage?

Getting an erection during a pleasant massage is a very natural reaction; it is a sign of relaxation and pleasure and is therefore very welcome during a tantric massage.

I have problems getting an erection, can I still enjoy the massage?

Yes, for the lingam massage (genital massage according to Joe Kramer) it is not necessary to have a steady erection. For most men a three quarters erection is more enjoyable and pleasurable.

I suffer from "premature" ejaculation (Ejaculatio praecox). Can the massage help me overcome it?

Since "premature" ejaculation often is not a functional issue, but rather an experiential disorder, one can deal with this condition also at the experiential level. Gaining control of one's ejaculation is usually simply a matter of practice. A non-judgmental neutral setting can be supportive as can women, who know how to deal with it. At ANANDA you will find both.

As a woman I have never experienced an orgasm; can a Yoni massage help me with this?

Problems with orgasm are often connected to strong expectations or fears, whereby it becomes difficult to allow erotic feelings to arise or recognize them as such. During a Yoni massage you have at least two hours for yourself and your sexual feelings, without entering into a sexual relationship with the masseuse. This provides a setting in which you can observe what actually happens – without being concerned with what "should" happen. This can open the space for experiencing an orgasm.

What is the G-spot and how can I find it?

The G-spot is named after its discoverer, the German physician Gräfenberg. It is located in the vagina behind the pubic bone, in the anterior (abdominal) wall of the vaginal canal. This means that you enter a house and on the first floor above ground you look out the window to the front of the house. The "window frame" – the tissue at this place – feels ribbed or hard, whereas the rest of the vaginal wall is smooth. Most women discover this area gradually for themselves; it does not necessarily immediately give rise to intense reactions, as the clitoris does. But in the long term women can experience their sexuality and their orgasms in a deeper and more prolonged way.
You can find further information under Services and Rates / G-spot Massage.

Does it make sense to gift a woman with a Yoni Massage, if she tends to have problems with her sexuality?

If a woman gets a Yoni massage, it is especially important that she finds herself in a familiar and safe place, especially if she has problems with her sexuality. If she hasn't visited us before, this sense of security may be missing. If this is the case, it would be advisable for her to begin with a one and a half hour introductory massage. Here, the Yoni is also included, but it is not emphasized.

If in doubt, it would be best to discuss what path to pursue. It is best to avoid imprudent "surprises", where a woman is standing at our door and does not know what to expect.

It is quite possible to issue a gift certificate for a Yoni massage and then later to exchange it for a different kind of massage.

What is special about a massage for couples?

What is special about the massage for couples is that both patners simultaneously immerse themselves in a sensual experience. Later they can share what they experienced with each other, thus enriching their couple relationship permanently.
Many couples gift each other with a massage for couples, for example on their wedding anniversary.

Sexually speaking, our relationship tends to be unsatisfactory. Is it possible to get more vibrancy into our sexuality through a massage?

Absolutely. You will both experience new aspects of your sexuality and you can bring what you experience into your relationship. This awakens your curiosity and opens your eyes to all the new things that you can both discover. This can be the beginning of a new journey together.

How can I purchase a gift certificate?

Please go to our separate page entitled Gift Certificate.

What is "Tantra" really about?

In our Western culture, the term "Tantra“ has a confusing number of different connotations. It awakens the most varied associations, depending on who is using it and who is listening.

For us Tantra is a philosophy of life that respects all living beings. Discriminations and judgments are to be avoided and dissolved. According to Tantra, the sexual nature of humans, which has often been vilified and rejected, should neither be particularly emphasized nor denied. Instead, it is a natural part of a holistic perception of what is. We deal with the sexual energy as one of the many aspects of being human. Our work is focused on an understanding of the unity of body, mind and soul.

You will find further information on the page What is Tantra?

Where are the limits of this massage?

We know from our daily work that our massages first of all result in relaxation and well-being. It is, however, possible that the ANANDA massage may touch you in an emotionally disturbing way.

Since we are not therapists, we ask you to take your time to determine if you are physically, mentally and emotionally able to deal with it. Our massages are not a substitute for medical or psychotherapeutic treatment. If you are in treatment, you should decide, together with your therapist, if an ANANDA Massage makes sense for you.

Should I let myself be massaged on the massage table or on the futon?

You can receive the ANANDA massage either on a massage table or on a futon, i.e. at floor level. If you have a preference in this regard, please let us know when you make your appointment.

Both types give you a high level of comfort:
Our massage tables, which are manufactured by the Oakworks Company (USA) are designed to be extra wide, stable and well cushioned. The adjustable headrest makes it possible to lie especially relaxed on one's stomach. The neck remains straight and the throat, neck and shoulder areas can be massaged optimally.

Our futons are also soft and elastically cushioned. When lying on your stomach, depending on the mobility, you may get additional cushions to make it more comfortable for you.