(formerly known as Amrita)

"Through Tantric Massage I am able to feel close to someone without letting our personal stories interfere. In this moment we are met through an un-biased eye. I love the closeness, tenderness, and ease that can arise from these massages. Together we take this enjoyable journey that rewards our bodies and souls with such happiness.
Through your openness for sexuality and intimacy, you are able to trust fully allowing desire to evolve. With great pleasure using massage rituals, you are able to put your body's interest in full perspective. This allows you to see the unyielding beauty that lies within everybody.
Every surface of your hands are felt with great love and passion. Your grace, gentleness, and warmth are always taken into consideration to give you the feeling of utmost security. With this, you are prepared for the deepest happiness; to have your body be entirely spoiled.
Surrendering yourself to particularly long, up to four-hour massages, allows guests to feel a perfect sense of timelessness. Thus, driven by your distinctive pleasure of touch in tantric massage, guests are able to use Ananda as their flowing source of sensual and deep pleasure.


  • Long-term employment with conscious design personality and self-awareness
  • Reiki 4.Grad 1997
  • Contact artist since 2006
  • Tantric massage and lingam / yoni massage with Spiritual Tantra Berlin 2008
  • Intuitive Massage by Rachana L. Wolff, UTA Academy in Cologne 2009
  • Perennial assistant Tantric Ritual massage at Beatrice Popko 2009 to 2011
  • Awakening of the lap area in Mayonah and Tatiana Bliss Bach 2009
  • Study of Nonviolent Communication - Basic Training 2007 and empathic Salon 2011
  • Training "Sensual Surrender" with Ruby May at Ananda in Cologne 2011
  • "Rosetta Rope" education in anal and ankle massage, Ananda, Cologne (2011)
  • Shiatsu Basic Course, shiatsu Zenrum Edith Storch, Berlin (2012)

In Cologne she likes to enjoy the city garden and arboretum in the Belgian Quarter, with its green tree diversity.

Yoni-Massage / Lingam-Massage / Prostate Massage
Couples Massage / Couples Massage "Ritual for 3"
Couples Massage Training: "ANANDA for Lovers"
ANANDA Blind Date

Anita speaks German and English

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