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ANANDA is the biggest and most successful institute for tantric massage / tantric bodywork in Germany. We love to develop our work further by having more international practitioners. We love to exchange knowledge and to work together with you preferably on a regular base.
In Germany our tantric massage work is legal, we are organized in a professional association for tantric bodywork we do a lot of press work and slowly we receive the right recogniton.

You find all our offerings and prices here

The number of treatments per day is decided by the practitioner, we have a very liberal and friendly work atmosphere here and support each other - there is NO pressure to work more than you feel like. Roughly 40% of the treatment price will be what you pay to us for rent and advertising etc.

There are no additional costs. Free accommodation is available.

So far our practitioners have come from Germany, Austria, Switzerland, England, Norway, Czech Republik and Brazil. It helps a lot if you speak German - but it is possible to work here if you only speak English.

We do expect you to be professionally trained as we do not offer trainings ourselves, we will do a test massage to see if the ANANDA standard is met. Every practitioner has a free profile on our website see for example here

Massages take place in our institute (no out calls), we provide massage tables / futons, massage oils, sheets and music further requirements will be discussed with you after the preliminary application is completed successfully.

If interested, please email us with all of the following information and your resume:

Your Email
Phone Number

Massage Skills
Tantra Experience
Times Available
Briefly explain why you would like to with us
picture and vita

We look forward to learning more about you!

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