Bathing Ritual

Like no other element, water touches our bodies so that we feel good – and we do consist of 80 % water ourselves. To lie in water means to pause for a while and feel at home.

Our bathing ritual is an invitation to wash off the stress of everyday life. It is the most enjoyable way to tune in to ANANDA and prepare yourself for a massage. The blood circulation in the skin increases and the muscles warm up. Precious fragrant essences stimulate the senses, while warm water flows all around you. An intense head massage ensures that not only the body and its limbs are caressed by water, but that the entire body gets care and attention. The entire ritual takes half an hour, while your masseuse bathes you, caresses you gently with cloths and finally dries you.

Each of our massages can be combined with a bathing ritual.
Duration: approx. 30 minutes in addition to the massage time

50 Euro pro Person
100 Euro if 2 masseuses carry out the bathing ritual
(for example for couples or for a four-handed ritual)
Please order when making your appointment.