Four-hand Massage

Every Tantra massage is a heavenly experience: boundaries are dissolved, the body and the soul become one. As you let yourself be touched, you are held in the present by the gentle pressure of the hands. Our guests often tell us that time passes differently during a massage than normally.

Whereas two hands allow your senses to explore new territory, four hands abduct you deep into the interior of an unknown realm. When you are at the center of attention of the dance of four expert hands, you do not know what is up and what is down. You think you are dreaming, your body becomes lighter and begins to float and turn, as if it were shrouded in a cloud of touches. But no matter what images you use to describe a four-handed massage – it is the same for all sensual pleasures, be it a wine or an exotic fruit: you will not understand what is meant until you take a sip or a bite.