ANANDA Liberty - the public performance

How far can touch go? What is intimacy, what is sexuality?

What can be pleasurable and relaxing? Can pain be pleasure?
And what does all of that have to do with freedom?

The body as a canvas, as material, as a medium to be danced with - the body is moved, stretched and tied up, gently stroked and firmly taken, sensually aroused, spoiled and taken by surprise.

We go a step further and create a play with ego, with power and powerlessness, devotion and comfort, pleasure and pain.

Influenced by dance, contact improvisation, BDSM and Tantra rituals, we experiment with contemporary approaches to sensual rituals of touch.

ANANDA Liberty, a composition of touch, movement, sensory stimuli and constraints.

To dive into the moment and get intoxicated by experiences of intense sensations, observing how new spaces open up.

One of ANANDA's massage rooms becomes our stage. What emotions get aroused, which memories get triggered when one bares witness to such a ritual?

Many interesting and provocative questions - we invite you to ask more questions and let yourself be surprised and  "touched" by us.

Experience Liberty's first public performance in one of our massage rooms. Please note we have a limited number of only 18 tickets.

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ANANDA Liberty - Public Performance

with a model and Klara
Concept: >> Klara and >> Martina

Saturday, July 7th 2012, 20:00 clock
doors open at 19.30

(further dates are planned, please request per mail)
welcoming from 19:30 with a glass of champagne

Klara and Martina are available for questions and for a talk with the audience at the end of the performance.

We had English guests in our performances before and we love to have a conversation in English with you afterwards - please be aware that the announcements and discussion rounds are in German.
>> ANANDA Institut, 2. OG
Tickets 50, - € (incl. champagne and small snack).

Dress Code:
During the performance you will sit on cushions on the ground, in a rather warm massage room, which is a shoe free zone. We have enough space to store jackets and bags if needed.
After the performance we meet in a nice room with chairs, food, champagne, juice, a balcony (for the smokers).

Further information about the amount of available tickets is found on the German version of this page here

Payment details in English are here