Couples Event "Ritual for 3"

Massage Ritual with one tantric massage therapist

Two partners come to ANANDA, one Partner gets a massage - the other partner assists and supports the practitoner from the ANANDA Team.

More and more couples come to us to explore together their sensuality. For most it is a new experience to be touched in an intimate way by an unknown person.
At the request of our guests, we therefore offer the "Ritual for 3" - a joyful learning of the ANANDA massage for couples.

With this offer, we invite one partner to support and witness the pleasure of the other partner. While an experienced tantric masseuse pamper you from head to foot, like the partner may only hold your hands so that you can totally relax and indulge. Your partner may be guided by the massage therapist - get into the action with and give you such a special kind of four-handed massage.

If you feel unsure, try out the ANANDA massage alone, finds it, along with his sweetheart a reliable start. In any case, both have much to learn about themselves and about each other can be: not without reservations, to use exciting ways of touching and knowing what the others particularly liked.

Although three of the ritual ends after about two hours - for many couples, it seems after a long time, can lead to a wonderful help broaden and deepen the relationship and is often the beginning of a common long, sensuous journey.

With the following questions, you can tune in to the ritual to third:

  • What expectations and wishes do you have?
  • Is it OK for you if your partner is touched by another woman?
  • Do you have any special requests regarding the genital massage?
  • Do you wish to be touched in the genital area?
  • Is there something that you wish us to bear in mind before we begin with the massage?

Find out what constitutes a good partner massage.

Time: the minimum length of a ANANDA "Ritual for 3" is two hours.

Costs: the ANANDA "Ritual for 3" costs 50 euros extra charge.
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(for example: 2 hours for 260,- Euro total
- All prices are VAT inclusive)

NOTE: ANANDA "Ritual for 3" is only offered by especially trained tantric masseuses, therefore we ask you to book an appointment a few days in advance.

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