Genital massage for men
We see the "Lingam" as the entire male genital area. We use this term since it is free of the connotations used in everyday language.

After receiving a Lingam massage, many men say that they have never before experienced being touched in such a sensitive way. Others say that their relationship to their bodies and their sexuality has changed permanently. You can relate to yourself in a new way once you are free of expectations and the need to perform and control. Boundaries dissolve and your sense of time disappears if you put yourself in the hands of an experienced Tantra masseuse. Old concepts of intimacy can change if you experience your own body with new, finely sharpened senses. A liberating freedom from intent occurs when you experience surrender without sexual exchange and mutual touching. A Lingam massage is an invitation to encounter yourself at a deeper level.
To do this we use scents, candles and calm music to create a space that is stimulating and pleasant. On your sensual journey through your own body you will be accompanied by experienced and supportive Tantra masseuses.
For us it is important that you yourself determine, without the pressure of expectations, how far the Lingam massage should go. We have had good experiences combining the Lingam massage with a sensitive prostate massage.

The possibility of a Lingam massage is part of every massage at ANANDA.