Prostate Massage

A special experience for men
A prostate massage gives many men a heightened feeling of pleasure. We prepare for it through a sensitive and careful anal massage. This requires trust and surrender – the more relaxed you are when you receive the massage, the more deeply can you be touched.

Anatomically speaking, the prostate corresponds to a woman's G-spot, and it can similarly produce deeper and longer lasting feelings during orgasm.
For most men a prostate massage is therefore an especially pleasurable experience. By specializing in this area, we are able to give also inexperienced men this very sensitive experience. Men who receive such massages regularly experience an increased feeling of well-being and are pleasurable sensitized. Some medical doctors therefore recommend that their male patients let their prostate be massaged from time to time.

You can book a prostate massage as a part of a two hour massage at no extra charge. Please order when making your appointment.