The G-Spot and Female Ejakulation

G-spot or G-zone
Besides touching the clitoris, most women experience a massage of the so-called G-spot (named after the German medical doctor Gräfenberg) as being especially pleasurable. The term "G-zone" is actually more accurate, since the sensitive area is not limited to a single spot. Today, researchers even refer to this newly discovered sexual organ as the "female prostate" that corresponds to the G-spot.
The surface of the G-spot lies in the vagina on the side facing the abdomen, behind the pubic bone. One can touch it with one's finger, and it feels like a ribbed or hard place, whereas the rest of the vaginal wall is smooth. According to one theory, the nerves that produce pleasure in the clitoris pass by this spot on their way to the spinal column. In addition, there is a nerve connection between the G-spot and the bladder, which is why the stimulation of this spot may create the feeling that one needs to pass water. Some women therefore tense up during the massage out of a fear of urinating inadvertently, but this fear is unfounded.

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Female Ejaculation
If the G-spot is massaged extensively, the result may be a discharge of a liquid, i.e. a female ejaculation. The female ejaculate is a watery fluid that is produced in the paraurethral gland. It is specifically this gland tissue that the "female prostate" consists of. The ejaculate is ejected at the climax through several minute openings at the end section of the urethra, as it is for a man. Depending on the amount of fluid that is produced, the woman's ejaculation during climax is more or less consciously perceived. It is only recently that we have learned that a woman's sexuality differs less from that of a man and his ejaculation than was previously assumed.
With or without ejaculation, a massage of the G-spot is an intense experience. For many women the feeling of pleasure is new and beyond comparison, and it differs clearly from the feeling that is caused by the stimulation of the clitoris or a penetration. During each G-spot massages we make sure that we create an atmosphere of trust. An ejaculation is welcome; fears of the urge to pass water are thus unfounded. But no attempt is made to desperately elicit an ejaculation, for our greatest wish is that you feel good all around.
You can book a G-spot massage as a part of a two hour massage at no extra charge. Please order when making your appointment.