Anatomy and Background

Lingam and Prostate Massage

"When a man is in an orgiastic state
he often cannot say if he has an erection
or not or whether he has ejaculated or not.
The emotions are not limited to the genital area
but circulate everywhere, in his entire being..."

Energetic processes
When you learn to understand how energy works in your body you will be able to expand genital orgasms to whole-body orgasms and to use sexual energy to improve your creativity and health. Taoism makes a distinction between ejaculation and orgasm. Ejaculating is only a physical act, which pushes semen out of the body and is often linked to a loss of energy. An orgasm is an intense, pleasant, energetic state. 
A whole-body orgasm occurs when sexual energy and the breathing energy are built up to such an extent that erotic and sexual emotions can circulate throughout the entire body.

When a man is in an orgiastic state he often cannot say if he has an erection or not or whether he has ejaculated or not. The emotions are not limited to the genital area but circulate everywhere, in his entire being. Therefore it is good to avoid ejaculation because it often is linked to a loss of energy. Semen contains a lot of life energy, which can be used consciously and practically.

With a lingam massage a man can experience an orgasm without ejaculating, because he "injaculates" instead.

There is an acupressure point between the anus and the scrotum. By putting pressure on this point ejaculation can be reversed and an orgasm improved. Semen is retracted by the filled prostate and absorbed by the blood. This point is called Jen-Mo point. In Taoism and sexual Kung Fu this point is called "point of a million gold coins"

If you put pressure on it with your finger the energy is heightened by the meridians, which, at this point, start to go upward in your body rather than escape from it ø as is normally the case with ordinary ejaculations. This way the man experiences all the pleasant feelings of prostate contractions: he experiences the same feeling after the orgasm as prior to the orgasm.

During a lingam massage a lot of energy is built up, which is deliberately used for transformation and for expanding the consciousness. Margo Anand, tantrist and founder of the Sky Dancing Tantra, and us as well work, in terms of sexual energy, with the image of an inner flute. This "inner flute" runs in a vertical line inside the body and serves as a tool for imagination, in order to follow the neurological and physical paths in the body, linking the endocrine glands. 
These seven glands, the gonads, the adrenaline gland, the pancreas, the thymus gland, the thyroid gland, the pituitary gland and the pineal gland regulate the life energy and the energy floor in the body. 
Opening this inner flute creates a feeling of vitality, rejuvenation and raised sexual energy. With the use of visualisations woman can experience the inner flute by letting the arising sexual energy flow through this channel. 
So you can actually learn how to play this flute, with the help of seven finger holes, which correspond with the seven chacras or energy centres of the body. The chacras symbolically represent the energetic field, which are created by the endocrine glands of the body. 
Rising in the inner flute, the sexual energy will be transformed while moving through the individual chacras, which will show in different emotions, feelings and colours.

The Chacras:

1. The sexual chacra: 
The first chacra corresponds to the sexual centre and is associated with giving birth and all emotions, which relate to life and survival. When the energy can flow freely through this chacra, you will notice how the sexual drive will encourage you to be wild, to release tension and to gain fulfilment.

2. The navel chacra: 
The second chacra is directly under the navel. It is the natural balance and movement centre of the body. When the energy can flow freely through this centre, you feel strong and vitalised, and feel liveliness, which is given to us by a healthy and relaxed body.

3. The solar-plexus-chacra: 
This chacra is directly underneath the middle of the last rib. Here sexual energy is experienced as personal power, as charisma and self-confidence. When this chacra is relaxed and open, lovers can control their feelings and can have an equal partnership.

4. The heart chacra: 
This chacra is in the rib cage, right in the middle of the line between the nipples. Here sexual energy is experienced as a desire to become one with the other person or both have the feeling of being part of the other person.

5. The larynx chacra: 
When this chacra is opened, the woman knows who she is and what she wants and is also able to express it.

6. The forehead chacra or the Third Eye: 
When the sexual energy has reached this point it is very pure, fresh and clear, and linked to the raised feeling of freedom and wideness. You will discover the power of intuition and imagination and you will have inner visions.

7. The scull cap and crown chacra: 
When the energy has reached the scull cap, you will feel the happiness to be linked to all things and human beings that surround you. 
Margo Anand:  
"The chacras are working together in a system, in which each chacra influences the energy of another chacra. If a chacra is strained or is out of balance the other chacras will also be affected and their life-force will be reduced. If a chacra is healed and relaxed it will also vitalise all other chacras.

The PC- Pump:  
A very important muscle for intensifying the sexual energy and desire is the "PC-muscle". It spreads around the pelvis in the shape of a butterfly, connecting the anus and the genitals with the spine and the legs. It is the main muscle of the pelvis, controlling the opening and closing of urethra, semen channel and anus. It is also the muscle that one has to trust when you urgently need to urinate, but circumstances don't allow it. Men can feel this muscle especially strongly when they want to press out the last drop of urine. 
Training the PC-muscle can help men to enormously enhance their sexual consistence, to have a bigger erection and to be able to have a more lustful experience beyond the genital area. This pump-exercise (to flex and relax the PC-muscle) does not just prepare your PC-muscle for sexual practices, but can also let sexual energy build up in the inner flute. This exercise, together with consciously breathing in and out (breathing in when flexing the PC-muscle and breathing out when loosening the PC-muscle) can always be integrated into the lingam massage.



The lingam doesn't have bones or muscles but mainly consists of erectile tissue. When a man is sexually aroused this tissue fills with blood, the lingam becomes stiff. 

The shaft of the lingam starts underneath the pubic mound and ends at the glans. On the Tipp of the glans there is a small opening, the end of the urethra through which body liquids that have been filtered out by the kidneys are passed as urine.

The same tube transports a mixture of liquids from prostate and testicles, which is passed as semen during an ejaculation.

On the lower side of the lingam, underneath of where the foreskin touches the glans, there is a particularly sensitive spot called frenulum. If this spot is massaged well it can be the source of great sexual lust, which is why I always regard the frenulum as the equivalent of the clitoris.

The scrotum is located underneath the lingam. It contains the two oval glands, which produce semen and the male hormone testosterone. The hormones are taken in by the body, while the semen is stored in special channels inside the scrotum, the side glands.



When a man is sexually aroused the semen goes from the glands to the vas deferens to the prostate. This gland has the size of a chestnut and is located between lingam and anus. You can feel the prostate if you press on the perineum point between scrotum and anus. There you feel a soft and spongy area behind which the prostate is located.

If you can compare a man's frenulum to a woman's clitoris, you can also compare his prostate to a woman's G-spot, which can also provide deeper and ongoing emotions during an orgasm.

Muscle contractions, at the point of a sexual climax, pass a mixture of semen and prostate liquid in the area of the prostate, through the uthrea and the glands of the lingam.


prostate massage

book and enjoy a prostate massage in combination with the 2 hours ANANDA massage.
A regular massage of the prostate can soften the whole pelvic area and make it more flexible. This can lead to an increased sexual sensitivity. The prostate massage starts slowly with a gentle massage of the anus. With great care and sensitivity the prostate is being massaged from the inside.
Many men experience the prostate-massage as particularly pleasurable, however, the first time it can be a bit unpleasant or even painful. We invite you to experiment. Share your experience with the woman who gives you this massage and please let her know immediately if it ceases to be pleasant for you.