Massage Technique

"The body is fundamental and necessary
for the realization of the Divine intention"
                               - Rumi -

During an original tantric massage the following techniques
are combined to a senual and deeply relaxing
full body massage:
Hand and Foot Massage: Reflexology Massage

The reflexology massage of hand and feet is the beginning of our massage ritual. It reduces the receiver's self-consciousness and establishes a rapport between giver and receiver. This technique has been adopted from East Asian massage rituals, but was also practised by the ancient Egyptians and North American Indian tribes.
Reflexology massage is based on the knowledge that the entire body can be mapped into certain "body zones" (feet, hands and external ears are of particular importance). These body zones are the termination points of numerous nerves, which transmit signals to the brain. The brain then returns impulses to the internal organs. This technique is similar to the connective tissue massage, but the impulses bring relief to corresponding organs, not to the muscles. That in turn brings about intensive and pleasant deep relaxation, which helps to alleviate strained muscles.
Classic Massage

The term "classic" is used to distinguish between the more conventional massaging techniques and unconventional new ones that were developed in the last decades. The classic massage is based on the so-called "Swedish massage", developed by the Swede Peter H. Ling (1776-1836). He worked at the Central Institute for Gymnastics in Stockholm, which was founded in 1813.
The classic massage includes stroking, rubbing, kneading, vibrating and pummelling. Depending on which effect your looking for, different stroking techniques can stimulate blood circulation or ease pain.
Effects: The strong stroking, kneading and rubbing can soften even the larger muscle groups, improving their blood circulation and stimulating the metabolism. The massage should not cause any pain, otherwise the muscles will become tensed in self-defence and any positive effects will be negated.
The increased tissue fluid washes away dead-cell material from the tissue - this way the massage functions like a living-cell therapy for the skin and muscles.

 Acupressure, also known as reflexology massage, is the massage of acupuncture points. For this massage, one uses the tip of the index finger or the thumb (but not needles, as with acupuncture). The Japanese version of acupressure is called Shiatsu.
Similar to acupuncture, acupressure is based on the Chinese science of energy, which says that life energy flows along "meridiansÓ. These meridians, or energy flow systems, have the role of transporting and distributing life energy throughout the body.
There are six Yin and six Yang meridians, which are distributed two by two on the left and on the right hemispheres of the body. In addition, there are several "side" meridians.
One meridian pair consists of a Yin and a Yang meridian (for example, the lung-colon meridian), running parallel to the limbs. The meridian pair is a functional unit and is linked by connecting vessels.
Yang meridians are at the side or the back of the body, while Yin meridians are inside or at the front of the body. The meridians run partly beneath the body surface where they can be treated directly.
One never reaches a balanced energetic level throughout the entire body. The art of acupressure is to bring the human body as close to a state of energetic balance as possible
The traditional Thai massage

The traditional Thai massage should not be confused with commercial sex massages known from the red-light districts of Bangkok.
Traditional Thai massage or "NuadÓ can be traced back to ancient ThailandÕs history of healing. However, despite its name, the roots of Thai massage are not actually found in Thailand but came via India to South East Asia.
The techniques were originally developed by a north Indian doctor named Jivaka Kumar Bhaccha, a contemporary of Buddha and physician at the court of the Magadha king Bimbisara more than 2500 years ago. He was also known to be a friend of Buddha and physician at a Buddhist monastery. He is mentioned in the Pali canon, the oldest written text of the southern Theravada school, which today is predominantly common in Sri Lanka, Myanmar, Laos, Cambodia and Thailand.
Due to its scientifically proven healing effects and its simple techniques, Thai massage is still widely practised in Thailand among all social groups. It even plays an important part in the country's health care system.
The traditional Thai massage is based on the concept that all levels of the human being are naturally interconnected. Therefore its main objective is the integrity of nature, body, mind and soul. In contrast to the classical western types of massage, it is less oriented toward the physical-anatomical features of the human body, but rather toward energy lines and energy fields, comparable to the meridians of Chinese medicine.
The techniques of acupressure and reflexology massage are closely related. Both massage varieties generally show much better success in health and pain control than conventional western massage methods. While conventional massage techniques mainly focus on stroking and kneading of the skin, traditional Thai massage refers to "local areas" of the body. The stimulation of these areas by massage treatment also brings relief to the corresponding organs and body systems. By stretching the whole muscular system the blood circulation of skin, connective tissues and muscles is being drastically improved.

Facial Massage

"Just clench your teeth this seems to be a motto for many in everyday life.
Cramped facial muscles can lead to headaches and even to grinding one's teeth during sleep, causing negative one-sided stress on teeth and jaws. For our facial massage, we use techniques from traditional Thai massage as well as acupressure. We are always surprised how much younger and more beautiful a relaxed face looks after a massage treatment.

Further techniques we use:

  • aromatherapy
  • shiatsu massage
  • Elements from Hawaiian Bodywork
  • breathing techniques "big draw"
  • prostate massage