Sexological Bodywork

Josep Kramer and Martina Weiser at the last day of the training June 2009

Sexological Bodywork is a bodywork, which aims at far more than relaxation and well-being. 
 We focus on embodiment, deepening your own body consciousness, "wake up" all body regions and go for a stronger feeling of aliveness, an extended ability to have orgasm and much deeper relaxation. 

Joseph Kramer is well-known to many as a pioneer of the erotic Massage, nearly in every single tantric massage you will find strokes, which he taught in his courses and video since the mid 80's. 
Joseph Kramer and his network of high-qualified bodyworker and therapists have successfully established the profession of "Sexological Bodyworkers" in California.

In spring 2009 there was the very first training in Europe. An international group of dedicated bodyworker met Joseph Kramer and his team near Zurich for sequence of 11 days (after a very intense home study part of 6 weeks).

Elements of the Sexological Bodywork are

  • Breath work/Big Draw/work with Trance states
  • Pelvic release Bodywork
  • erotic massage/genital touch
  • Masturbations Coaching/Orgasmic Yoga (also with regular homework)
  • Mapping of body regions like Vulva and Anus

We are very proud on the fact that we belong to the first adresses in Europe to offer Sexological Bodywork.
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further information about the work in gereral: Sexological Bodywork

>> our special recommendation:  the Online Massage school by Joseph Kramer - over 300 erotic massage lessons - personally tested and recommended by Martina Weiser Head of ANANDA