At some point we’ve read enough blogs and advice books, our questions become more personal and intimate, and we need specific answers from somebody who really knows what they’re talking about. Every body is different. Everybody’s lust is different. Every relationship is unique. Ananda’s sexual counselling offers a safe and friendly space to ask any questions you may have and talk about any desires or conflicts you may not have been able to discuss with others.

Typical Questions for Sexual Counseling

Typical issues we explore during sexual counseling sessions:

  • Our sexual identity and orientation
  • The way our experience of sexuality changes with age
  • Shame; distorted perception of our own body
  • Lack of libido, desire, lust – or differences between partners
  • Premature ejaculation or inability to ejaculate
  • Difficulties with orgasm
  • How do I deal with affairs or an unfaithful partner?
  • What alternative or more relaxed models are there for relationships?
  • How do open relationships work?
  • What is polyamory?
  • How do I deal with my pornography addiction?
  • How do I deal with my partner’s pornography addiction?
  • Ananda’s bodywork offers are interesting but I’m unsure whether I could trust a stranger to that extent

The experts at Ananda will provide confidential and solution ­oriented advice on all of
your questions about sexuality and partnerships or relationships – whatever your
sexual tendencies, sexual orientation or gender identity may be.

Information and Conditions regarding Sexual Counseling

This offer is only conducted by Skype or telephone.

Duration: from 30 Minutes

Price: from 50 Euros

A longer session can be booked: each additional half-hour costs 50 euros. (All prices include statutory value added tax.)

Further information is provided in each practitioner profile or can be requested directly by e-mail from the staff who offer sex counselling. Please check the practitioner’s profile to see which languages are available.