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Alina Mia

Main Offers: Tantra massage, somatic sex coaching & sex-positive events

Tantra massage is my form of mediation: make love, with life. Play. Explore. Celebrate. Let's breathe, laugh and let go.

Please shatter my heart and create a new room to hold limitless love.


About Alina Mia

I don't touch with my hands but my whole self.

Strong and subtle at the same time. True and empathic. Experienced and veeery playful. Life-affirming but not naive. Wild and cuddly. I am authentic. A primal force of nature.

What is your strongest desire, here, in this moment?

To be a treasure-chest sinking to the bottom of the ocean? I dive right down with you.

To dance around the fire - wild and cheeky? I pour oil on the ambers.

Face to face in alert trust: everything has its place.

More about me and my work:

Data & Facts

  • Experience

    Erfahrung mit Tantra-Massage seit 2019

  • Languages

    German, English, French, Russian

  • Qualification

    Tantric Massage Practitioner TMV®

Background & Training