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Main Offers: Tantric massage

Iris has a lot of experience and empathy with people who feel uncomfortable and insecure in their bodies and want to free themselves from burdened body norms - too big, too skinny, not being right.

For me, it is important to touch people with quality, respect, feeling and an open heart. I am fascinated by body language during a massage, and I am constantly exploring how I can reach each individual guest in such a way that his/her inner experiential space is opened and expanded through physical intimacy.

Iris on her work
Iris h Tantra Massage Koeln

About Iris

Thanks to her wide spectrum of different types of massage techniques and her artistry on the floor, her massages are sensitive and powerful. The joy she takes in her work can be felt in every touch and she remains easy-going and curious about new experiences. She is very communicative, making it easy for her to connect and establish trust, and one can sense her many years of experience in the counseling profession.

Data & Facts

  • Experience

    Experience with Guided and Counseled Communication

    Member of the Ananda-Team since 2000

  • Languages

    German, English

Background & Training