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Main Offers: Tantric massage, Yoni massage, couple's massage, ejaculation control coaching

Experienced Tantra Massage practitioner who already worked all over the world. Ricarda has a particularly gentle and careful massage style. Her special passion is Yoni massage and Yoni mapping as well as guidance and support for men to refine their orgasmic potential through ejaculation control.

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...because I am fascinated by the mystery


20 Minuten kostenfreier Video-Call?

Du möchtest vor einer Session Kontakt mit mir? Ich biete dir einen kostenfreien Termin telefonisch oder über Video-Call für 20 Minuten, kontaktiere mich gerne über:

E-Mail: kontakt@yoni-spa.de

About Ricarda

It is my pleasure and honor to accompany you on the journey through your body, your senses and sensuality, and I am happy to lead you into trance-like states through which you experience yourself as wholly and fully connected.

Why do I work with sexuality?

  • Because it makes sense.
  • Because it supports (self) healing.
  • Because it means a contribution to peace.
  • Because it moves and touches me to see and feel what moves and touches others.
  • Because I am fascinated by the mystery.
  • Because it is always interesting and new.

Ricarda über ihr Sexualcoaching

Data & Facts

  • Experience

    Work with Tantra and Yoni-massage in Germany and abread, for example at Agama Yoga Koh Phangan/Thailand

    Team member of Ananda since July 2018

  • Languages

    German, English, French, Spanish

Background & Training