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Main Offers: Tantra massages in the style of AnandaWave

The ritual of Tantra massage: Exclusive time for you with loving, mindful and unintentional touches that accompany you on your personal feeling journey. This journey opens the space for you to feel good in yourself and to dive out of everyday life. It gives you the opportunity to feel yourself completely and to let go. In addition, you are invited to enjoy, to make new experiences and to be there with all that just shows up.

Feeling completely accepted in the touch, in the encounter of the moment - that is for me the magic of Tantra massage.

Sanna about Tantra

About Sanna

I myself have experienced the Tantra massage as a very special journey to myself. Here I was allowed to experience deep relaxation and new experiences, emotionality, tears and silence but also sensuality and pleasure. I was always able to discover something new about myself. The beauty for me was (and is) that it was never about "getting there" anywhere - it was not about "making" an orgasm or process. Instead, it was about being with what was just arising between the two people during the Tantra massage ritual. I was also invited to listen to myself, to express my needs and boundaries.

It was not always easy for me to let go of my expectations, to turn off my head, to surrender to the moment and to say when I needed or wished for something different. But I have experienced what beautiful moments have arisen when I have succeeded in doing just that.

On such a tantric journey I would like to accompany you in my massages and support you mindfully. So we can discover together what may show up in you and what you experience in this time.

I especially like to accompany

- first tantric journeys, because there is a very special magic inherent in this first feeling journey. And this magic shows itself regardless of how far you want to go in your massage and even if an intimate massage should not be right for you.

- to accompany people who want to turn mindfully to themselves, to rediscover themselves and to be touched on different levels.

- couples who want to create a beautiful space for themselves and their relationship and engage in it together.

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