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I give your body the space and time it needs to really expand, heal and learn


About Sara

I help men, women and couples deeply tune in to their own bodies to access their wonderful sexual potential. My offering is a sensual, loving and nurturing treatment where you can relax, surrender and discover deeper levels of sensation in your body.

The ability to receive touch and feel more is often dependent on the presence of the person giving. People can be limited by exploring intimacy only with their intimate partners. With me there is no expectation around your experience. I give your body the space and time it needs to really expand, heal and learn. Exploring with your partner/s is a beautiful thing, and sometimes growth and healing happens better either alone, or with the help of a professional.

My tantra training since 2016 led me through the valley of my own shame about my sexuality, my blocks to experience more sensations in my body and pleasure. It was a beautiful time in my life when I released my judgments and explored intimacy with people of every age, shape and size. While I am now happily in a monogamous relationship I can see the beauty in every human and I believe everyone is worthy and capable of love and pleasure. It gives me great joy to offer a space where my clients feel genuinely adored and honoured as they deserve.

All sessions begin with taking some time to connect, and share your desires, fears and boundaries. This is followed by a full-body gentle oil massage to build trust and gently wake up the body. I aim to help you increase sensibility in every cell of your body to be able to create more sensation, healing and pleasure. The touch is strictly one way, you will just be receiving.

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    Arbeitet mit Tantra-Massage seit 2019

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    German, English

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