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Main Offers: Sex coaching and sexual counseling

Sexuality defines our life: most often happy and reenergizing, often extremely associated with shame, at times boring, inconvenient or totally absent.

Human sexuality is not static, it can change and develop at any time anew.


About Susanne

Sexual therapy, Sexual coaching or Sex counseling offer a safe space to openly and without false shame discuss sexual topics and difficulties and answer questions. By applying established methods I offer verifiable results in understanding disturbances or impairments in individual or relationship sexuality, in adressing them and solving them.

You can work with me as a single person or as a couple, in our rooms at Ananda or via Skype/phone.

You can contact me about a first consultation by phone or Skype, please just write an email directly to:,

Some examples of issues I experienced with clients:

  • Premature orgasm
  • painful sex(Vaginismus / Vulvodynie)
  • Sex after pregnancy
  • Unethusiastic about sex and erotic

My offers include conversations and at times instruction for body exercises - I do not offer Tantra-massages. I know many members of the Ananda-teams for years and can give you a recommendation who will fit your wishes and needs.

Notice: Appointments can only be booked by phone call - Susanne can not be found in our online booking system.

More information about Susanne's offers

Susanne on her sex coaching and counseling

Sexual counseling via Skype or phone call

Data & Facts

  • Experience

    Systemic Sexual Therapy with Prof. Dr. Ulrich Clement

    Long-term Experience in Taosistic Practice

  • Languages

    German, English

  • Qualification

    Sexocorporel Sexual Therapy Training

Background & Training