Una Tantra Massage Sexualberatung Koeln


Main Offers: Tantric massage, (tantric) BDSM sessions, sex coaching, workshop for couples

Rediscover yourself as new, unfamiliar and familiar at the same time. Experience yourself as relaxed, held, sensual and moved in every moment anew.

The body is fantastic, it is the biggest of all secrets, a holy temple, a holy place.


About Una

"Meditative elements like conscious breathing and body sense exercises make you discover your inner and outer sense space. Deep stretches and positions from Yoga, Thai massage and Bonding help your body to relax in depth and ease tensions in your tissue and muscles in a natural way. Dynamic waves and strokes make your cells dance, invite new energy to your system and revive you holistically.

Are you ready to expand your body awareness and erotic potential, to discover, explore, revive your very own sexuality? To become a lover of your own or to be a good lover to others? Or is there a topic that has been on your mind for a long time or that interests you?"

Unas own research spirit accompanies you with great attentiveness. She is experienced in individual sessions and gives tantrically inspired workshops and touch coaching for couples with special enthusiasm.

Una-Katja über BDSM-Elemente in der Tantra-Massage - bewußte Grenzerfahrung bei ANANDA: die Liberty-Session

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Data & Facts

  • Experience

    Tantramasseuse since 2014

    Dance and Movement Therapist

  • Languages

    German, English

  • Qualification

    Certified Sexological Bodyworker (CSB)

Background & Training