Offers with direct physical contact can be offered again since
May 11th 2020
We act according to new rules,
with regard to vulnerable guests who might be forced to be extra careful for an extended period of time.

Massage and Bodywork at Ananda

Since May 11th we are able to offer Massage and Bodywork again according to a set of new rules.
Online-Booking is available now - please be patient as we are only a small team now.

Ananda and Corona

Many people are feeling insecure and have been self-isolating for a longer period of time. With first successes in fighting this pandemic, small steps have been taken to ease those strict measurements. We at Ananda are sure that our work can help with maintaining physical and psychological health.

6 feet distance:
We understand and respect this measurement. Even if it is possible to re-start our work very soon, some people will be forced to keep to this rule due to high risk factors.

Face masks:
As soon as we can offer massages and other work involving close physical contact again we will be wearing face masks. They will also be offered to our guests. This is in regard to our own safety and that of possible vulnerable guests.

Disinfection of hands and surfaces:
As soon as you are entering our welcome area we will invite you to disinfect your hands so that germs will not be carried into our rooms. All contact surfaces will be professionally disinfected regularly during the day.

Even before Corona we have been working with professional hand- and surface disinfectant. We will keep on doing so with hightend vigilance.

Fresh air:
All our rooms are spacious (60 – 70 sq.ft) and have very high ceilings. Before and after each appointment our rooms are througly aired. You are always alone in your room – or accompanied by one team-member of Ananda with mandatory safety distance.

Please only show up to your appointment if you are healthy:
This is mandatory for team and guests. Please check your health status before attending your appointment to avoid risks for other people. Appointments can be cancelled on short notice – health and safety first.

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