Yes, we are open! Massages, Coachings and Events are available - welcome back. (current status of regulations June 30th, 2022)

Current tests for everyone - before each appointment

Anyone who has one of the following tests is considered tested

  • a certified rapid test (no older than 24 hours at the time of admission) or
  • PCR test (no older than 48 hours at the time of admission)

Please take the opportunity to get a test from a recognized test station before your appointment. This increases safety for everyone involved. A test here on site is only possible in exceptional cases and by arrangement.

A test at our site will cost you 5 Euros

We spare no effort to make Ananda a very safe place for everyone. Since immunized people can also be infected, it is very important for us that we get a current test from ALL people.

Further regulations

  • regular tests for guests and team:

we are taking regular COVID-tests every morning before any appointments (massage, coachings, Workshops), we expect a current test from you.

  • Please only show up if you are healthy:

this applies for guests and team alike. Please check your current health status before your appointment to avoid risks. If you are not sure - appointments can be cancelled on short notice free of charge. We have a health first policy and guests with respiratory or other COVID 19 related symptoms are not allowed to enter our premises.

  • Wear a medical mask if you are asked to do so

Depending on the kind of appointment and current situation each team-member is eligible to decide on this measure (within official restrictions) for themselves.

  • Disinfection of hands and surfaces:

We are working with professional hand- and surface disinfectant that will not stress your skin.

  • Fresh air:

All our rooms are spacious (60 – 70 sq.ft) and have very high ceilings. Before and after each appointment our rooms are througly aired. You are always alone in your room – or accompanied by one team-member of Ananda.

  • Contact tracking:

We are obliged to store personal data of our guests as well as date and time of entering and exiting our premises. Data will be securely stored for 4 weeks. Please follow this link to receive further information on contact tracking.

  • No calls with surpressed number - no appointments without registering:

Contact tracking is mandatory and we are unable to make exceptions.

  • No more than two people in one room at the moment

As we can not keep mandatory distances during the massage we are currently offering only single massages. Massages for couples in two separate rooms only, no rituals for three, no 4-hand massages.

This offer is subject to current mandatory regulations and the coach's assessment.

Mw Ananda Tantra Massage Koeln

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