Sensual and deeply relaxing - but not erotic. This describes out ANANDA wellness massage. Your team member will stay dressed and applies their knowledge about traditional body work. You will enjoy an intensive journey through your own body - and maybe you'll let yourself take it further on your next visit?

You set the boundaries of this massage during our pre-talk which we will respect. You will still experience immense relaxation, comfort and well-being in our renowned ANANDA-Stile.

You can find special qualifications and massage techniques on the profile pages of our team members so you can make an informed decission which one is right for you.

ANANDA wellness massage starts from 1,5 hours.

Special tipp: Why not combine the wellness massage with our ANANDA bath ritual?

Conditions for ANANDA wellness massage:
Booking time: starting at 1,5 hours
Cost: Starting at 180 Euro

any additional half hour will add 50 Euro to the cost of massage.