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Sex Coaching at ANANDA

Somatic Learning - more body learning than brain learning. Learn more about your own body in a relaxed athmosphere, for example with Methods from Sexological Bodywork or sexual therapy by Sexocorporel.

Sex Coaching
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Private Lessons at ANANDA

A wholy private workshop - private teachings and touch coaching.
For single persons with an experienced ANANDA-model : What intimate touch is enjoyed by women or men?
For couples:
learn and try things out together: What intimate touch is enjoyed by my partner?

Private Workshop
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Sexual Counseling

Answers to (nearly) all your sexual questions - via Skype or phone.

The experts of the Ananda team advise you in all questions about sexual or relationship topics - without regard to sexual orientation, sexual affinity or gender identity.

Further information is provided in the profile of team members who offer sexual counseling or can be asked for by contacting them by e-mail directly.

Sexual Counseling
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Groups & Events

Entertaining and educational - evening groups and events starting at 20 Euros.

For example the legendary "Manual labour evening" which started in our location. Andrea Silwanus, an Ananda team members, shows you techniques about manual pleasuring a man which you probably never thought of.

Events (German only)
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Our prices

You can find information about all our offers by having a look into our pricing schedule.