In all honesty, how often do we change the way we touch ourselves and our partners in our everyday (sex) life? Most of the time, we take the same familiar and practical “stairway to heaven” that we always take. So perhaps it is time to try out some new, exciting and lustful techniques to apply in our erotic moments?

There are times in our life when arousal just doesn’t happen the way we think it will. Sex coaching can help with suggestions for techniques that increase or change the way we experience lust. Additionally, coaching sessions do provide a safe space for very specific and personal questions. Perhaps you are open to something a little more adventurous? Have you discovered your very own “treasure map” for passion, vitality and sensuality? Where and when does it start to become very exciting?

Typical Issues we explore during Sex Coaching Sessions:

  • I don’t feel comfortable with my body
  • Where is the G-spot?
  • What does an anal or prostate massage feel like?
  • How can I delay my orgasm and/or avoid premature ejaculation?
  • What can I do if an erection does not occur the way I want it to?
  • How do I deal with the pressure to “perform” in bed?
  • I want to learn more about how to touch.
  • What feels good? How does my body react?
  • Is there really such a thing as a whole-body orgasm?
  • Which breathing, touching and relaxation techniques can be helpful?
  • What does masculinity mean for me?
  • What does femininity mean for me?
  • I am insecure when it comes to my gender identity.
  • I had some traumatic experiences and want to be able to cope with this better (e.g. medical operation, sexual harassment, insensitive ex-partner).
  • I would like to experience sexuality together with my partner again. / I would like to experience sexuality together with a real partner again.
  • I am looking for help to deal with pornography addiction.

Before coaching starts, you and the coach will agree on the elements to be included: dialogue, breath and movement exercises, a whole-body massage – clothed or unclothed and with or without massage of the yoni or lingam (=genital area), ‘homework’ and exercises to be carried out between the sessions, which will improve your ‘body learning’.

You are always in charge of what you experience and how far you want to go.

Note: Our staff remains clothed during the coaching sessions.

Our Terms and Coditions

Initial Consultation Sex Coaching

Use this option to find out how we can help you. (All prices include VAT)

Duration: 1 hour

Price: 90,- Euro

Sex Coaching regular appointments

You can book this offer for more than 2 hours - any additional 30 minutes cost another 50 Euros. Ask your Coach for Packages (All prices include VAT)

Duration: 2 hours and longer

Price: 200,- Euro

Please note that another 50 Euros will be charged for couple Coachings.

In this film (German only, no subtitles), teachers talk about the profession of Sexological Bodywork. The film is aimed at interested people who want to learn more about themselves and their sexuality. As clients of a Sexological Bodyworker or in courses and trainings.

Sexological Bodywork is a method in which a part of the Ananda team has been trained - learn more in the profiles.