Sensual worship of the whole body.

An authentic Tantra-massage is a lot more than simply a massage - it is a sensual ritual for the whole body which includes naturally and consciously the private parts as part of your body.

Authentic Tantra-massage is taught as part of a certified training and follows a meaningful process whose basic principles are the same every time:

Preliminary talk

  • Massage and ritual worship of the whole body
  • respectful touch and massage of the private area
  • Yoni-massage (for women)
  • Lingam-massage (for men)
  • Supporting breath and movement exercises
  • Massage und revival of the pelvic floor
  • Exploration and stimulation of the prostate if desired
  • Exploration and stimulation of the G-spot
  • possible exploration of your own nature of lust
  • Leaving space and time for cool down, relaxation and review.
  • Beneficiary and giver of the massage are usually undressed.

Possible Add-ons for a Tantra-Massage:

  • experience a massage together with your partner
  • Learning and experiencing female ejaculation
  • Dealing with premature ejaculation by exploring the "Points of no return"
  • more options are available by visiting our sexual coaching page.

Many recipients of tantra-massages indicate that they have never been touched as empathetic before. Others recount a lasting change in their attitude towards their body and their sexuality. Free of expectations, pressure and control you can encounter a new you. Boundaries disolve and your sense of time dwindles when you encounter a tantra-massage in the hands of an experienced masseuse. Old connotations of intimacy might change when you get to know your own body with newly honed and heightened senses. Devotion without sexual exchange and reciprocal touch lead to a state of acting without preconceived intention. Tantra-massage invites you to a deeper understanding of yourself.

We create a space of comfort and inspiration by using fragrances, candles and calm music. Your sensual journey through your own body is accompanied by experienced tantra practitioners.

It is very important to us that you can decide without any pressure how far you want to take the experience of a tantra-massage. We've made great experiences by combining a tantra-massage with a Blind Date.

Tantra-massage - touch as your calling and profession. A film by the professional association of Tantra practicioners, an organisation many of our team members are part of (in German).