H1 Tantra Massage Sexual Coaching Koeln

Elements of a Tantra-Massage

An authentic Tantra-Massage will give you deep relaxation and comfort for your body and for your soul - as part of the Neo-Tantra tradition we honor you and give you the experience to be fully accepted - just as you are.

F0 Tantra Massage Yoni Massage Koeln

Yoni-Massage and G-Spot

Discover female lust and evolve it - sensual massage of pelvic area as part of the complete tantric massage

Intimate Massage for Women
M2 Tantra Massage Sexual Coaching Koeln

Lingam-Massage, Pelvis and Prostate

Feel your body as you haven't before - the tantric massage will include the pelvic area with lots of different techniques.

Intimate Massage for Men
Paar1 Tantra Massage Sexual Coaching Koeln

Couples Massage and Ritual for three

More and more couples visit us to explore their sensuality together in a new and different way. They find a lot of inspiration here.

For Couples
Gr1 Tantra Massage Sexual Coaching Koeln

Conscious Kink

What is "normal"? What makes an experience intense in a good way? Do you know your limits and the real size of your inner space? Conscious Kink for body and soul. Discover a new insight into all that can be lustful.

Conscious Kink
Haende Federn Tantra Massage Sexual Coaching Koeln

Our prices

Starting at 20 Euros, you can book an entertaining evening group event or even a luxurious touch evening with two or four-handed massage for multiple hours. A deeply touching and relaxing experience for all senses.