„Lingam“ refers to the male private area. We use this expression because it is free of the connotations of other words in our daily language.


Many men report after a Lingam-massage that they have never experienced such sensual touch before. Others feel that their attitude towards their body and sexuality has changed. Free of expectations, pressure to perform and control you can enjoy a new way to experience yourself. Boundaries dissolve, time is hard to grasp when you relax into the hands of an experienced Tantra-masseuse. Old connotations about intimacy can change when your body is confronted with newly honed senses. Surrender without sexual exchange and the touch of another body lead to freedom from intention. A Lingam-massage invites you to a deep and profound journey to yourself.

We place a special importance to perform our Lingam-massage in a pleasant and safe athmosphere. By using flowers, candle light, sensual fragrances, calming music and a lot of time we create a space that let's you arrive at yourself. As experienced Tantra-masseuses we enjoy being along for the ride and look forward to your discoveries.

It is very important to us that you decide yourself how far you want to take the Lingam-massage without any pressure. We have made great experience in combining the Lingam-massage with a sensual prostate massage.

Anal-Massage and Prostate Massage

The prostate is also called the male G-point. A stimulation of the prostate does not imply any homosexual feelings. Generally, the anal region is often the are for irrational fears and shame for men. But especially the massage of the prostate can lead in many men to a heightened feeling of lust.

Trust and surrender are important parts of this massage: the more relaxed you are, the deeper you can be touched.

Anatomically the prostate corresponds to the female G-point, which is linked to deeper and longer orgasms in women. Therefore a prostate massage can be an especially delightful experience for many men. As we are specialized in this area we gently guide even newbies to explore this area of lust. Men who regularly enjoy such a massage report general well-being and a more sensual sensitivity. Even some doctors tell their male patients to enjoy a prostate massage from time to time.

Our Conditions

You can book this offer for more than 1,5 hours, we recommend 2 hours - any additional 30 minutes cost another 50 Euros. The 4-hand Version can't be booked online - you need to call us for this. (All prices include VAT).


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