It is very important to us that we only go as far as you enjoy receiving it. We want you to relax and have a great and unique experience with us. The choice if you want your intimate area included in a massage is yours. Please find more information about our Tantra-Massage here.

And the day came when the risk to remain tight in a bud was more painful than the risk it took to blossom.

Anaïs Nin


Letting go, surrender, dissolution, tears, overwhelming lust – a Yoni-massage can become a profound experience, literally touching the innermost of you. Free of expectations going back to the roots of joy of life and strength by giving yourself trustingly over to the hands of an experienced masseuse is a sensual experience which can open new ways to experience yourself. Fears and insecurities as well as past experiences can be analyzed and looked at with the secure guidance of another person. Sometimes they can even be resolved and understood. In this way there is space for interaction with your own profound lust and vitality.

It is up to you how far you want to take your Yoni-massage. Free of any expectations we will adapt the massage to your individual liking and needs. We place a special importance to perform the Yoni-massage in a pleasant and safe athmosphere. By using flowers, candle light, sensual fragrances, calming music and a lot of time we create a space that let's you arrive within yourself.

A Yoni-massage invites you to undertake a special tour through your own body. As experienced Tantra-masseuses we enjoy being along for the ride and look forward to your discoveries.

G-point Massage

Next to the stimulation of the clitoris many women also experience the massage of the so-called G-point (named after the German MD Gräfenberg) as very sensual. The label "G-zone" would be much more poignant as the sensitive area is not concentrated on simply one point. By now, sexual research even speaks of the newly discovered "female prostate" which corresponds to the G-point.

The surface of the G-point can be found behind the pubic bone inside the vagina on the upper abdominal wall. You can easily feel with your finger a harder or slightly ribbed area while the rest of the vaginal walls is smooth. According to theory the nerves which also supply the clitoris pass this point on their way to the spine. Additionally there is a nerve linkage between the G-point and the bladder which may lead to the sensation of having to go to the bathroom. This leads in some women to tension as they are afraid to urinate unvoluntary during the massage - a fear that is totally unnecessary.

Female Ejaculation

Extensive massage of the G-spot can result in an ejection of fluid, meaning a female ejaculation. The female ejaculate is a watery fluid produced in the paraurethral glands. It is precisely this glandular tissue that makes up the "female prostate". The ejaculate is secreted through several tiny outlets into the terminal portion of the urethra. Depending on how large the amount of fluid produced is, the woman's ejaculation is perceived more or less consciously. It is a fairly new insight into women's sexuality that the difference to men and their ejaculation is thus much smaller than was previously assumed.

Ejaculation in women also often happens independently of an orgasm.

With or without ejaculation, the massage of the G-spot is an intense experience. The sensation of pleasure is new and incomparable for many women. It is very different from the sensation caused by clitoral stimulation or penetration. We take care to create a trusting atmosphere during every G-spot massage. Ejaculation is welcome - so fears of the urge to urinate are unfounded. But it is also not forced. Because above all, we want you to feel completely at ease.

You can book the G-spot massage as an integrated part of your session for a minimum of two hours. Please let us know when you make your appointment.

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