Appointments and Planing

How do I make an appointment at ANANDA?

How much time should I bring with me?

Who should I choose?

How do I find the right person for sex coaching?

Do I have to bring something with me?

Is ANANDA wheelchair accessible?

Do you have a hotel recommendation near ANANDA?

How can I buy a gift certificate?

Are the team members naked while performing a Tantra-massage?

Concerns and Obstacles

How can I talk to my partner about this massage?

Do I need any previous knowledge before booking an ANANDA-massage?

Do these massages provide sexual exchange?

Is it allowed to orgasm during a massage?

I think I'm too fat/unattractive/old should I still try ANANDA?

Getting an erection during massage - is that alright?

I have problems maintaining an erection - can I still enjoy a massage?

"premature" ejaculation (Ejaculatio praecox)

I'm a woman and never experienced an orgasm in my life - can Yoni-massage help me with that?

Isb it possible to get a Yoni-massage while I menstruate?

Should I gift a Yoni-massage to a woman who might not be very sexually open?

What kind of oils are you using during a massage?