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Two hands already lead you to experience new sensations - imagine what four hands can do for you! Delving even deeper into unknown territory as you are the focus of four exploring hands. It may feel like a dream. Your body gets lighter, you feel like you float. You are enveloped in a cloud of sensual touch - it might be hard to keep track of up and down. No matter how you describe a four-handed massage it is just the same as trying to dewscribe a good wine or a special meal: unless you tried it, you will not be able to understand the experience.

All of our massage offers can be booked as a four-handed massage.
We suggest to at least book 1,5 hours of massage time.

Our prices are per team member. In case of a four-handed massage it is simply double the price as with a regular massage.

Please let us know about your wish to book a four-handed massage when you make the appointment.

Ein Video, den wir bereits 2009 produziert haben mit einigen schönen Impressionen aus einer 4-Hand Massage und einem sehr improvisierten Interview ;-)