Call us during our opening hours +49 221 6086585 - the first step to the well-being you desire. A first telephone consultation of around 10-15 minutes, free of charge, gives you the opportunity to discuss your hopes and expectations, so we can find out if we are the right address for you.

One Step further:

Maybe there are still many questions or the questions exceed our competence, then we will make a recommendation. For 50 euros per half hour you have the opportunity to book a consultation by phone or Skype with a qualified member of our team.

The limits of our work

We know from our day-to-day work that our massages, coachings and consultations are primarily about relaxation, clarity and wellbeing. Nevertheless, it is possible that the unfamiliar situation also touches you in an emotionally disturbing way.

Since only a few of our team have psychotherapeutic training, we ask you to calmly decide if you are physically, mentally and emotionally able to deal with it. Our massages, consultations and coachings are no substitute for medical or psychotherapeutic treatments. If you are in such a treatment, you should decide with your therapist if an Ananda experience is useful for you.

We often hear that someone has been sent to us by his therapist or doctor. Many therapists know and appreciate the healing effect of a holistic touch - but are not trained properly or are allowed to touch because of their professional requirements - certainly no holistic-sensual massages.