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Main Offers: Tantra massage in the style of AnandaWave, queer-theory

I call myself queer person woman*. To me, queer means that I live and welcome a variety of gender identities, sexual and romantic orientations beyond cis-hetero norms.

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Nourishment, touch and movement - three worlds I join with my own passion, combining sense and sensuality.


About Delia

As a vegan chef I create sensual worlds with nourishing meals, caring for the sense of taste and the well-being of people. When expressing and letting go of emotions through motion I feel transformation, freedom and joie de vivre.

Tantric massages combines both: I can create a nourishing touch for all senses in sensuality and invite the multitude of your emotions. My touch is like a dance - gentle, intense, slow and fast - on your body. A carefully dosed mixture, creating closeness and security and touching your mind and soul as well.

During your time with me you can experience tranquility, lightness, joy and intensity - maybe even something new. No matter if you are experienced or not, old or young, have tattoos or piercings, bear scars of surgeries - or not. No matter which sexual orientation you pursued yesterday, today or will tomorrow - no matter how you identify and which expression you choose for yourself through speech or visually. No matter which body shape or features - you are welcome!

My vision is a truly divers society in which structural injustices are fought at their roots so that people can live with each other respectfully - regardless of origins, genders, sexual orientation etc.

Data & Facts

  • Experience

    Working as a tantric masseuse since August 2020

  • Languages

    German, English

  • Qualification

    Tantric Massage Practitioner TMV®

Background & Training