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Relax into the moment - encompassed by warmth and subtleness. Always in search of true authenticity I am looking for ways to create the ideal ritual for you. Your emotions are our guidelines. I hear you. I feel you. I see you.

Everything we are and what we can become is already written in our body. Heart, soul and spirit blend together and are not separated from it.

Anna Halprin

About Delia

I am warm, open-hearted and loving. My main aim is to find the innermost core of things and to live truthfully and lovingly.

I am vegan and topics like anti-racism, feminism, gender, free love and sexuality drive me. In addition to my work a a tantra-masseuse. I am a passionate vegan cook and am sure, this is no coincidence: body and soul have to be equally nourished to establish an equilibrium and harmony, within us and with the world in general.

Data & Facts

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    Gibt Tantra-Massagen sei August 2020

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    German, English

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