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Main Offers: Tantra massage in the style of AnandaWave

Touch is not always the same. It is a conversation between the souls and bodies of the giver and the recipient. In this contact, touch can be diverse and lively. Touch can open and close doors, an immeasurable gift.

For me, tantric massage is the most beautiful form of touch


About Elisabetta

As an Italian native I grew up in a cordial and sociable atmosphere. That's the way I reach out to my fellow humans in relationships, as friends, in a business or every-day context. The level of closeness and joy this way of living creates, are proof to me that love grows the more you share it.

For me, touch is the most beautiful way to say 'you are right and full of love just the way you are, here and now in this moment'. I listen to your soul guiding me through your body with an open heart, unconditional mindfulness and without any expectations. I keep you company on your way to your heart, to yourself and your love.

15 minute informative call free of charge

If you are not sure yet if my offer is the right one for you please reach out. I offer a 15 -20 minute informative call free of charge either via phone or Skype. Please send a message with your contact details to:

E-Mail: elisabetta.ananda@gmx.de

Data & Facts

  • Experience

    Tantra masseuse according to TMV (training to be finished in 2021)

    Perlentorausbildung (Yoni-Massage) ab Juni 2021

    Shibari Fesselmassage-Workshops (1-6) bei Fushisho in Köln (seit April 2022)

    Jadetorausbildung (körperorientiertem Sexual-Coaching für Frauen) (seit April 2022)

  • Languages

    German, English, Italian

Background & Training