All our treatment rooms are very spacious with more than 20 square meters each (approximately 215 square feet). The building has beautiful high ceilings, it is completely renovated and has new bath rooms.

The largest Institute in Germany

In 2006 we rented an additional level in the building. Consisting of 5 treatment rooms ANANDA is the largest institute for Tantra-Massage and Sexual Coaching in Germany. We have the ability to be more flexible to provide appointments and established more comfortable bathrooms for our guests.

Room for small events

On the second floor we have a room for smaller events and groups. A modern ceiling fan helps to ventilate and make you feel comfortable.

Massage Table or Futon?

Tantra-Massage is generally performed on a futon. If you prefer to be massaged on a massage table let us know about your wish when making your appointment.

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