ANANDA Liberty

Experience a new freedom

Kinky sensual massage, bondage massage, bound massage, sensual domination...
ANANDA Liberty opens up a world full of exciting sensations. It is a journey that follows the thin line between sensuality and pain, between indulging and surrendering.

Special stimuli: throughout our long years of massage experience we noticed that the ones who once feel the taste might like to push the door further open.

According to your special individual wishes we set up elements for an expanded prostate massage, using different dildos. A sense of deprivation might be introduced by the use of a gag; we bring in a variety of toys to offer moderate and accentuated stimuli.

We invite you to expand the perception of your body with us, in an environment filled with trust. With ANANDA Liberty you can develop a new understanding of what can be relishing.

Duration: 2 hours
Costs: 310,- Euro

(you are welcome to book more than 2 hours,
we charge 50 Euro extra for every 30 minutes)

NOTE: ANANDA Liberty is only offered by especially trained tantric masseuses, therefore we ask you to book an appointment in advance. Please speak directly to the masseuse about your particular wishes.

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