Fabienne Tantra Massage Sexualberatung Koeln


Main Offers: Tantra massage

When physical touch reaches the soul we achieve a state of mind where we can truly feel at home

"I love the pure and unpretentious space in which masks may fall. A space full of trust, respect, love and joy."


About Fabienne

Fabienne will guide you on your sensual journey, always present and with an open heart, so you can let go and just be. In your deep pleasure, emotions, lust or simply enjoy secureness, closeness and calm.

Fabienne's cosmopolitan and natural personality makes you feel welcome and accepted very quickly. Her empathy and experience create space for trust and emotional depth.

Data & Facts

  • Experience

    Working with tantric massages since 1992

  • Languages

    German, English, French

  • Qualification

    Tantric Massage Practitioner TMV® (AZ)

Background & Training