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Main Offers: Tantra massage, sexual coaching, sensual workshops

For me, Tantra means appreciation and mindfulness - experimentation and a wonderful game with passion. Tantra leaves a lot of room for creativity and still takes place in a clearly limited framework in which you can feel safe with me. Together we will embark on a journey to discover your sensuality, your bodily sensations, your emotions and your lust.

Coco H Tantra Fessel Massage Koeln

Encounter yourself - get to know yourself and feel, every time anew.


About Coco

Dear human,

I warmly welcome you to my place. I am a trained tantra masseuse, sex coach and am also trained in erotic hypnosis. At AnandaWave, I am co-educator and lead people in their training to become a tantra masseuse. I am happy to incorporate these wonderful common areas of contact into our encounter. In my massage I accompany you into the world of mindful sensuality. Explore yourself during a sex-coaching session with me or learn the structure and sequence of the massage ritual in my workshop.

We meet authentically - there is a real and honest encounter between you and me, which allows us to become a noticeable energetic WE. Feel sensual touch - possibly awakening different emotions - I will accompany you with full attention. Laughing, crying, purring, moaning - everything is allowed, even enjoying in silence is welcome with me.

Your birth gender, your perceived gender, your sexual orientation, your age, origin or optics - all of this defines you as a human being and I look forward to you and your artistry - because each of us is an individual work of art. We all have the longing for closeness, sensual, erotic touch and feelings of happiness within us. With me you can fully open and develop your human side.

More about me and my work at: feelZeit - worlds of contact

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    With the Ananda Massage Team since 2018

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    Tantric Massage Practitioner TMV®

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