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Main Offers: Tantra massage in they style of AnandaWave

A tantra massage offers us the opportunity to welcome all emotions. I hold the space for your processes with empathy, gratitude and free from evaluation - and celebrate with you everything that can make up life.

I choose to inhabit my days.

Dawna Markova

About Helena

After my first tantra massage, I realized that I needed more safe learning spaces like this to develop self-awareness and self-efficacy as skills.

That is why today I want to be part of a society that has the capacity to educate about sexuality and relationships and can offer professional, life-affirming and consensual protection — and spaces of experience — beyond the intellect.

Massage für nichtbinäre Menschen und Menschen, die sich mit keiner der aufgeführten Geschlechtsbezeichnungen identifizieren

Coaching & Beratung

Data & Facts

  • Experience

    Experience with tantra massage since 2019

  • Languages

    German, English

  • Qualification

    Klinische/r Sexologe/in iSi

Background & Training