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Main Offers: Tantra massages

Tantra massages go beyond touch. Yin and Yang, the feminine and the masculine which flows through us, is realigned in harmony and combined into a dance of reverence, respect and sensuality.

About Alica

I touch people from my heart. Connecting with others through touch is my passion and one of my missions on this planet. Following my intuition and acting from my heart is my daily mantra. My massages are mindful and will guide you to your creative core.

Having the chance to open safe spaces for people and honoring their innermost core, fills me with joy.

Sensual Fruit Goddess

Alica follows a holistic approach and is also working as a yoga instructor and nutritional coach with strong emphasis on raw fruit and vegetables and detox-juices.

She instructs detox-retreats for singles and groups and offers national and international juice-workshops after her own recipes.

Data & Facts

  • Experience

    Working with tantric massage since 2017

    Experienced in yoga and raw vegetable and fruit diets

  • Languages

    German, English

Background & Training