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Main Offers: Tantra massages, sexological bodywork and coaching

"Come as you are. You are welcome to show everything - including those facets, emotions or shadows you normally hide in everyday life."

With kindness and understanding I will accompany your self-liberation from shame, guilt and fear. I create a space for you, where you are accepted as you are.


About Lucie

For me, every encounter is like opening a new book. I will write and read the new story with you. Slowness, depth, fire, patience, presence, closeness - you can enjoy everything as a symphony of life. More about Lucie at:

I have been working in the field of sex coaching since 2013, especially with the Sexological Bodywork method. I really enjoy working with all genders.

If you feel insecure about your sexuality, have little experience or have closed yourself off because of bad experiences, then you have come to the right place.

In this safe space you can share your topics, relax and feel the change. You can discover your erotic potential step by step and enthusiastically try out new things. You learn to observe and communicate your limits and needs, you can regain your body awareness and self-confidence and find out what gives you particular pleasure.

I am happy to support you and give you tools that you can integrate into your everyday life.

I will help you not only to feel confident in your intimacy, but also to experience a lot more joy and fulfillment in your life.

You are of course welcome as well if you just "just" want to enjoy a good massage.

15 minutes preliminary talk free of charge? (women only)

You are not sure if you will be at the right place with me? I am happy to offer a preliminary talk (15 minutes) via phone or Skype. Please contact me via:

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Data & Facts

  • Experience

    Study of Psychology, Karls-University, Prag

    Very experienced practicioner in bodywork especially with women

  • Languages

    German, English, Czech

  • Qualification

    Tantric Massage Practitioner Andro® L1

    Certified Sexological Bodyworker (CSB)

    Tantra Massage Training (EASE)

Background & Training