Maya Tantra Massage Sexualberatung Koeln


Main Offers: Tantra massage in the style of AnandaWave

Allow yourself to let go and be enchanted on your way to yourself. Aesthetically, close and one with your body. Only you. I accompany you with hands that offer support and security. Hands that sometimes move you dynamically and recharching and other times touch gently and tenderly...

Conscious touch is nourishment for body, mind and soul. It lets us grow. Each cell in our body begins to smile.

Sabine Zasche

About Maya

Being able to nourish you through a massage, to quench deep longings or to open up new spaces to experience mindful touch and undivided attention, to touch your heart, is deeply fulfilling for me.

"While massage, only massage. Be in your fingers, your hands like all your being and soul gathers right there. Let it become more than touch....turn it into play." Osho

Tantra-Massage Angebote

Data & Facts

  • Experience

    Work with massage since 2018

  • Languages

    German, English

  • Qualification

    Tantric Massage Practitioner TMV®

Background & Training