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Touch, free and unveiled, is the connecting element during our encounter. It is expressed through a sense of timelessness in the form of a massage, according to the principle of empathy, diving into the depths & blossoming of energy, which is encouraged to flow unbridled: fresh and immediate.

Our encounter is a special time of empathy, of diving into the depths & blossoming of energy, which is fascinatingly stimulated to flow.

Shanu about her work

About Shanu

Creating a special atmosphere connects Shanu's offers with and for people: Previously working as a set designer for television and today with yoga, massage & coaching offers, singing, workshops and as a freelance speaker.

Personally, Shanu is cheerful, strong and empathic. Spontaneity, openness, sincerity, the liveliness of carbonic acid in mineral water, sweetness, freshness, depth, movement, dancing salsa, music (listening and making), singing & authentic people are close and dear to her!

Each individual tantra massage becomes a personal ceremony in a life-oriented atmosphere, which is an answer to the beauty of life: beauty in the sense of being human, being true to oneself, approachable, speaking and living from the heart. An honest encounter can be felt and enhaces the qualities of appreciation, joy and trust. This space invites you to relax deeply, feel free and become one with your own physicality, longing and sensuality.

Shanu leads from the heart into a living presence: energetic massaging hands make it easy to feel yourself, flowing strokes envelop you with balance, quiet and sensual moments allow you to let go and feel ecstatic. In this way, pulsating energy can arise, be moved, condense or expand, express itself directly or spread out both evenly and intensively.

Data & Facts

  • Experience

    Thaiyoga Masseurin seit 2015

  • Languages

    German, English

  • Qualification

    Tantric Massage Practitioner TMV®

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