Big Draw and Orgasm

"Men who think they already know something about the world will be surprised what pleasures had escaped him so far. Whoever doesnÍt know this massage has missed out on something important"
Silvio Wirth

Tantra teacher Silvio Wirth on the sensual massage:

"Nothing identifies a man more than his penis and its behaviour. It is his trial period, his pride or his condemnation, his identification or non-identification with men, his link to the world of women, his cane of sorrow, his testing stick, his measurement and ID card" sociologist Dieter Duhm wrote with disarming openness.

There is no satisfying word for it in English: neither the clinical word "penis" nor the ridiculous sounding words like "dick", "cock" or "wiener" can express the meaning that a penis has to us men. They only show that we are repressed pupils who have make jokes once something becomes serious. 
In Taoist China it is called "jade wandî or "karmesin birdî. Here it has survived a culture in which the lingam and yoni are considered healing and important parts of the body, which need as much touching, care and love as the rest of the human being. Inspired by Taoist sources the Californian tantrist Joe Kramer has developed a lingam massage, which is healing and energising at the same time. And also the most lustful thing man can possibly imagine.

The old Chinese study of Taoism talks about an important energy process: the transformation of sexual energy called Ching into the life energy Chi. With men and women Ching is produced in the gonads. This energy is rather rough but we have plenty of it and it is used for reproduction. If Ching energy is to be refined to Chi, it can be used to vitalise and rejuvenate body and mind and to harmonise the love between man and woman.

This, however, takes concentrated practice of Qi Gong or Tao Yoga by Mantak Chia. The sensuous massage causes the same energy process in a very simple manner: Man only has to lie down and enjoy and follow the energy flow in his body. This leads to flowing and pulsating and finally even to a whole-body ecstasy, which is even more pleasant and long-lasting in a sensation of lust than a sexual climax: a well-known tantra mistress has well described this feeling as "riding the wave of blissî. Afterwards your body wonÍt feel weakened, but strengthened and relaxed, in a way that many men have not felt before.

Men who now think they already know something about the world will be surprised what pleasures had escaped him so far. Whoever doesnÍt know this massage has missed out on something important.

The massage climaxes in the Big Draw, an easy to learn Taoist special technique in which the orgasm implodes inside the body instead of exploding outside. Your whole body fills with warmth and turns into pleasant shivering. Afterwards a man doesnÍt feel weakened but full of energy. I have been surprised at how much I've been able to enhance my own sexuality and I have discovered dimensions of healing lust I didn't know existed."

The Big Draw - the big pulling up

In the course of a 2-hour massage you, as our guest at ANANDA, have the chance to try out a tantric breathing and energy exercise, which is called the "Big Drawî. If you wish to hold back your ejaculation to use this energy for yourself and for your health and creativity and also to experience and all-body orgasm without losing energy, you are advised to practice the "Big Drawî. 

The "Big Drawî is good for spreading your completely built-up sexual and erotic energy throughout your entire body. You thereby avoid that the energy is not only limited to the genital area and you also avoid sexual "tensionî, which can easily happen when you donÍt ejaculate. By avoiding ejaculation and by practising the Big Draw you can make a whole new experience maybe an all-body orgasm. Discover your sexuality in a new and different way. 
Instructions for the Big Draw:
Slowly and deeply exhale shortly before reaching an orgasm. Make sure that you also exhale the rest of the air in your body. ItÍll work best if you exhale on "fffff". Once youÍve fully exhaled there will be a "hunger for air", which automatically animates you to breathe properly in the stomach region. Take a deep breath. Close anus and throat and hold your breath for at least a minute. Make a fist and tense all your muscles as much as possible. If you want you can also bend your knees. Hold it, hold it, hold it and then let go, relax and feel what is happening to your body now. If you want, your mind can send this energy from the sexual region, along the spine, to your heart.

NOTE: If the receiver's head turns a deep red during the Big Draw you have to stop immediately. 
Otherwise head vessel can burst which is very dangerous. Next time the recipient has to tense head and neck less and anus, legs and abdomen more.
We donÍt want to publish the exact steps and explanations to a yoni massage on the internet as this would be too much information.



"According to the Tao the real key to the healing of the body and to all-body pleasure lies in the circulation of sexual energy along the small energy cycle..."

A male orgasm
By holding back the ejaculation a man can experience several orgasms during one act of lovemaking. On an orgiastic scale this "higher orgasm" reaches up to 98-99%. It repeats itself and lasts as long as a man wants. The ordinary orgasm that reaches 100% on the orgiastic scale only last half a second. With the technique of withholding, a man can enjoy sex which seems to last forever, without experiencing any disadvantages.
After an ordinary orgasm the act of lovemaking is finished. A higher orgasm can last for hours ¿ provided that a man knows how to apply the injaculation properly.

If you have difficulties with separating the orgasm from ejaculation you can begin to pull up the sexual energy along your spine before reaching the climax. According to the Tao the real key to the healing of the body and to all-body pleasure lies in the circulation of sexual energy along the small energy cycle. The small energy cycle is the main body circuit and is also called microcosmic circulation. It consists of a back and a front channel (in Chinese medicine these channels are traditionally called guiding vessel and serving vessel.)

These channels are created in our earliest development. In the uterus our body first resembles a flat disc. With the shaping of the embryo the disc folds in half and creates two seams, one along the middle line of the back of our body and one along the front. The back seam can be recognised by our spine, but the front line is not so obvious to see. We notice the front seam now and then when it didnÍt close completely, like a child that was born with a hare lip.

Once you can pull up the sexual energy in your body you may discover that you have "orgiastic" feelings in your brain, in other parts of your body or even in your entire body. The deliberate contracting of the PC-muscle around the prostate will also help you to raise the sensitivity in your pelvis and to improve contraction-phase orgasms, which causes the lustful, automatic twitching of your prostate.